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I worked for the Royal Government of Cambodia for nearly 7 years in the areas of Legislative Process, Constitutional Framework and Parliamentary Procedure. Around 6 years of research and lectures were focused on government and Constitution, and democracy. In the last 3 years, I continued to focus on research and publications with local and regional printing houses in some areas of democratization process and emerging trends of informal political structures, and constitutional and institutional reforms.


Master of International Laws and Politics, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

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With fond interests in institutionalization and democracy for sustainable and inclusive economy in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, I am looking for opportunities to work with local and regional scholars, and researchers to explore the following emerging trends: revitalizing state\'s weak institutions, as a direct consequence of demographic shifts, nepotism and inherited cultures of inflexible leadership, aiming for stability, peace and prosperity. Such revitalization process engages with explorations into reforming the existing state platforms and expanding more public space as alternative political structures of the state institutions. Institutionalization, democratization, and inclusion of marginalized social grouping are the targeted themes of my focus. Also included in my project is the proxy intervention into the domestic affairs through the Immigration Politics and Buddhist Pilgrimages in the mainland Southeast Asia.

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